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Scottish Rite for Children provides care for children with conditions related to their muscles, joints and bones. We treat thousands of pediatric orthopedic conditions and provide specialized care for each child. List of all conditions our experts treat. 

Below are a few of the most common conditions we treat: 











Parents or physicians can request an appointment for a child with an orthopedic condition by calling or completing our online form. 

Request Appointment or Refer a Patient

Contact Us:​
Dallas Campus: 214-559-7400
Frisco Campus: 469-515-7100
Fracture/Broken Bones: 469-515-7200

For additional information, visit our Request Appointment page. 

Scottish Rite for Children participates with a number of private and public health insurance plans like those shown below.

If you have a question as to whether Scottish Rite participates in your insurance plan, or to obtain an estimate of your costs after any third-party payment and/or financial assistance discounts, please contact our Family Services counselors at 214-559-8630. 

Anyone can request treatment for a child with a condition that our experts treat.

Please refer to the next section to learn more about Scottish Rite's financial assistance program, Crayon Care. 

Since 1921, Scottish Rite for Children has treated patients regardless of the family’s ability to pay. We rely on the generosity of individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations to continue its mission.

Scottish Rite offers a financial assistance and charity care program, called Crayon Care, which provides financial assistance to families who qualify. View the summary and eligibility requirements below to learn more.

The Crayon Care application form applies to all families regardless of income levels and insurance types (i.e. Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, etc.). Please take the time to fill out the application so that we may better serve you. You may qualify for care at no charge or at a significantly discounted rate.

Resources Need help? For additional questions, please call 214-559-8630. 

The entire Center for Dyslexia Application for Evaluation should be completed. Please attach copies of previous tests and educational plans, as well as additional school related information as noted on page 5. 

In addition, the Academic Checklist is included at the end of the Center for Dyslexia Application for Evaluation and is required. Parents should select the appropriate form and have the child's teacher complete the requested information.

Please note:
  • Only the form applicable to the child's current grade is needed.
  • There is an academic checklist specific to kindergarten and one designed for grades 1-9.
All applications are reviewed to determine eligibility. The parents/guardian will receive either a phone call or letter regarding the child's eligibility. For help with the application process, please call 214-559-7815.