What is Crayon Club?

Scottish Rite for Children's Crayon Club brings together charitably-minded young professionals with a penchant for philanthropy and a passion for patients. Over the course of a typical year, Crayon Club hosts numerous events, from mixers and meet-and-greets to evenings focused on advocacy and education. In addition to networking and connecting with other young professionals over a common cause, Crayon Club members make an enduring difference for kids by raising funds to support the work and mission of Scottish Rite for Children.
By becoming a Crayon Club member, YOU become a special partner in this important work, and a valuable part of the Scottish Rite family. Our colorful crew - both brilliant and bold - brightens kids' worlds...and helps dreams unfold!
Watch the video below to find out more about how your gift to Crayon Club makes a difference for our patients. For additional information about becoming a Crayon Club member, please contact Development Officer, Kelsy Burrows at 214-559-8464.

Why Are You A Crayon Club Member?

"Growing up, I was blessed with a healthy and full childhood. This led me to want to be a part of providing that same opportunity to other children. Scottish Rite for Children has been dear to my heart since I interned with the Special Events team in 2016. Seeing first-hand the work and impact on patient and family lives led me to seek out Crayon Club when moving to Dallas a few years later. I give because all children deserve to have a childhood and Scottish Rite for Children gives their patients that chance."
-Elizabeth Ellen
“I am a Crayon Club member because I am a strong believer that children are the future. Through our programs and service, we can make an impact that simply changes lives. What better way to fulfill our mission?” 
-Bora La├ži
“It’s such a rewarding experience to help bring joy to the kids while they are away from home and during a challenging time in their lives. The Crayon Club provides an opportunity to contribute my time to a great cause while directly making a difference at the hospital and in the lives of the children.”
-John Launius