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Aug 06, 2019 / Sports Medicine

Warming Up the RITE Way: Mavs Basketball Academy Development Camps

We have always been committed to helping young athletes learn about proper movement to reduce their risk of injury. This summer, we teamed up with the Dallas Mavs Basketball Academy to teach new exercises to hundreds of athletes at their Hoop and Development Camps. Learn the exercises.

Warm Up the RITE Way is an exercise program designed by our Scottish Rite for Children sports physical therapists to activate, or wake up, certain muscles BEFORE playing basketball. These exercises are meant to add to existing programs that include stretching and basketball drills. The benefits of properly warming up these muscle groups can include improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Here’s why we think it’s so important:
  • We would much rather help athletes PREVENT injuries than wait to teach them these tools AFTER an injury.
  • Children want to mimic the professional athletes. However, they need to learn all about their habits, not just their basketball skills. Proper nutrition, hydration and even game day exercise are all habits of professional athletes that are established long before going pro.
What makes these exercises so special?
Warm Up the RITE Way exercises activate key muscles in the hips called the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. These muscles are important in controlling the hip, knee and ankle during activity. Strengthening and real-time activation may play a role in protecting the leg joints from injury. They prevent athletes from using “at-risk” positions that are known for increasing potential knee injuries like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.

The growing amount of non-contact injuries continues to rise. The ideation behind warming up is “waking up” muscles that are needed to help keep your body ready for game shots, game spots and game speed. An active warm up is more attractive as you are able to measure performance gains as well as decrease injury risk instead of standing in a circle counting to ten performing a poor stretching routine.   

Learn more about the hospital's partnership with the Dallas Mavericks.

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