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Price Estimator
Click here to go to Scottish Rite for Children’s price estimator tool to obtain an estimate of the costs associated with your care. Please understand that the estimate generated by this price estimator is not a guarantee of final charges, and that you may be responsible for any additional costs that are not included in the estimate, including costs associated with additional procedures, co-payments, and deductibles. The estimate you receive may vary based on your insurance contract and benefits, medical condition, and any additional testing, procedures or pharmaceuticals ordered by your physician. Scottish Rite for Children recommends that you consult with your health insurer to confirm your potential payment responsibilities and remaining deductible balances.

Standard Charge Information
The link below shows the list of Scottish Rite for Children’s standard charges and may not reflect your actual out-of-pocket costs. To obtain an estimate of your costs after any third-party payment and/or financial assistance discounts, please use our Price Estimator or call our Family Services counselors at 214-559-8630. 

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No Surprises Act Notice
As of January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act provides uninsured consumers with protections against surprise billing.

What are my rights against surprise medical bills? Laws prevent providers from issuing Surprise Medical Bills

A Good Faith Estimate explains how much medical care may cost. (English | Spanish)