Our hospital understands that the conditions facing our patients can be stressful. The Psychology department helps patients and their families deal with the stress constructively, offering individual and family counseling. The purpose of the Psychology department is to provide quality clinical care and promote healthy child development, despite the stress and demands associated with a health-related condition. Licensed psychologists and psychology trainees with expertise in pediatric psychology and behavioral health coordinate and participate in interdisciplinary health care, related teams, hospital committees and research. Direct clinical inpatient and outpatient services are provided to Scottish Rite Hospital patients, along with their families and caregivers.

Who We Serve

  • Scottish Rite Hospital patients are referred by medical staff and seen during clinic visits and inpatient hospitalizations, or as outpatients in the Psychology department.
  • Patients are referred for a number of reasons, including preoperative preparation and planning, education, adjustment related to new diagnoses and/or mental health needs.
  • In a given month, the Psychology department sees approximately 250 patients with nearly 60 new referrals each month.

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