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Jun 22, 2023 / General News

15th Year Scottish Rite for Children Ranked No. 1 in the Region and Among the Best in the Nation by U.S. News & World Report

For more than a century, Scottish Rite for Children has defined greatness in pediatric orthopedic research, education and patient care. U.S. News and World Report has once again ranked Scottish Rite No. 1 in the Southwest Region, which includes Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, rounding out at No. 4 in the specialty in the country.
We are privileged to help our patients, and for the past 15 years, this exceptional ranking continues to reflect our commitment to excellence and to providing world-renowned care to our patients and their families. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists and specialists collaborate to create a customized continuum of care for each patient and family. Our staff has cared for more than 360,000 patients, but not one is treated like a number.
Scottish Rite researchers have not only discovered and mapped genes associated with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and other conditions but also have invented and advanced revolutionary medical devices resulting in more than 50 patents secured across the pediatric orthopedic discipline. These experts uncover the root causes of pediatric orthopedic conditions and translate their findings into groundbreaking treatments that defeat them.
Our physicians wrote the textbook that educates aspiring pediatric orthopedic surgeons and is used as the standard reference guide by practitioners worldwide. Scottish Rite’s fellowship program is one of the oldest and largest in the country, and the fellows have gone on to implement the knowledge they acquired and transform the lives of patients around the world. Our experts developed the consensus medical definition of dyslexia and authored the curricula that has trained therapists and given children with dyslexia the ability to read nationwide.
We meet every child where they are in body, mind and spirit. We restore muscles, joints and bones, allay fears and replace despair with hope.
About U.S. News Rankings
Introduced in 2007 to help families of children with rare or life-threatening illnesses find the best medical care available, U.S. News & World Report Best Children’s Hospitals rankings are the most comprehensive source of quality-related information on U.S. pediatric hospitals.
U.S. News, alongside a research and consulting firm, collected and analyzed data from 119 children’s hospitals and surveyed thousands of pediatric specialists. Children’s hospitals awarded a “Best” designation excelled at factors such as clinical outcomes, level and quality of hospital resources directly related to patient care and expert opinion among pediatric specialists.

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