New scoliosis brace recipient Elizabeth, on left, learns how to use the Evee Pac for convenient, low-profile brace carry from Andy

Nov 11, 2021 / Spotlight

A Backpack for Your Brace

Published in Rite Up, 2021 – Issue 3. 

When Jennifer Pruitt’s daughter Eva was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and prescribed a brace, it sparked an idea that has now become a real-life solution for other Scottish Rite families starting their journey with scoliosis bracing.
Compelled to help her daughter, Jennifer asked a seamstress friend to make Eva a couple of specially designedEvee Pac™ creator Jennifer Pruitt with her son, Andy. backpacks to use for school and athletics. “I saw what my daughter was going through,” Jennifer says. “So many people asking her what the brace was. It was a worry for her, and she felt different.”
This new bag would later become the Evee Pac™, a wide-mouthed, drawstring-closure backpack that totes a scoliosis brace in style. The bright green Evee rolls up and collapses into a zippered pouch when not in use.
While finalizing production details, Jennifer’s son, Andy, was diagnosed with AIS and prescribed a brace just like his sister, but now he was able to use the Evee. “It was way easier, and I don’t have as much attention whenever you are just carrying another bag,” Andy says.
Development officer Mike Stimpson and Don Virostek, Eva and Andy’s orthotist and director of Orthotics at Scottish Rite, provided feedback and support about the backpack anytime Jennifer needed it. Now Scottish Rite orthotists provide the Evee to any patients receiving a new brace.
“The generous funding from the Cardinal Foundation of Dayton, Ohio, the creative design work of Halo Branded Solutions and, of course, Jennifer’s commitment and passion for our mission made the backpack a reality for our patients, and we are very grateful,“ Vice President of Development Stephanie Brigger says.
“Scottish Rite is all about the well-being of its patients,” Jennifer says. “They were so wonderful to be open to and support the backpack project. In the end, these backpacks aim to make kids’ lives a little easier, and that’s really what it’s all about.”

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