Vanessa and Dr. Ellis in colorado

Feb 15, 2018 / Spotlight

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Vanessa, age 15 of Midland

Vanessa, age 15, of Midland has been treated for multiple prosthetic needs at Scottish Rite Hospital since she was only 6 weeks old. Vanessa’s looking forward to learning to ski, but she’s also looking forward to going on a vacation in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Learning to ski will allow Vanessa to add another sport to her list of favorite activities. She enjoys playing volleyball, managing the basketball at her high school and crafting intricate pieces of origami. When Vanessa grows up, she aspires to become a junior high teacher. She hasn’t decided which subject to teach – she’s keeping her options open!

About the Annual Amputee Ski Trip

February 2018 will mark the 37th anniversary of the annual Amputee Ski Trip, held each year at the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, Colorado. Fourteen teenage patients with limb differences receive practical recreational therapy, while also having the opportunity to grow, build confidence and bond with others similar to them.

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