Custom orthosis being made in the O&P lab

Jan 19, 2022 / Prosthetics & Orthotics

Fully Equipped Orthotics & Prosthetics Lab Located at our Frisco Campus

At Scottish Rite for Children, providing convenient, world-class care is at the forefront of our mission. Whether a common or complex condition, having a team of experts dedicated to every aspect of your child’s care is necessary to get them back to doing what they love. This type of approach has been present at the Dallas campus for 100 years and has extended to the facility in Frisco.

The Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) lab in Frisco is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools to build and fit custom prostheses/orthoses. Learn more about the team and the service they provide to children and young athletes.

Take a tour of the lab.

What is the benefit of having O&P in Frisco?
  • It provides our patients and families another access point. Having the Frisco campus allows us to care for more patients to get them back to being active. 
  • Our doctors have the opportunity to work closely with the O&P team to make sure each device or brace fits just right for the patient.
  • It brings more research and innovation to the campus.
  • The convenience of same day fitting.
What are the most common patients seen for O&P in Frisco?
  • Scoliosis 
  • Sports medicine
  • Neurology
As the anchor at the Frisco campus, what advantages does O&P bring to sports medicine patients?
  • Custom fitting for braces
    • Depending on the goals of the young athlete, the orthotist will work with the doctor to determine the best type of brace.
    • Functional knee braces, like the unloader brace, allows an athlete to be active while wearing the brace. 
  • Foot orthoses – custom to the need of the patient
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