The International Consortium for Spinal Genetics, Development and Disease conference group.

Apr 10, 2018 / Research & Innovation

Genetics Team Attends International Meeting in China

Staff from Scottish Rite Hospital travel near and far to participate in medical conferences to share their most recent research and learn from other experts in the field. Last week, members from our genetics research team were in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China to attend the International Consortium for Spinal Genetics, Development and Disease (ICSGDD) conference. The ICSGDD includes two groups who combined after last year’s inaugural international conference, “Genomic Approaches to Understanding and Treating Scoliosis.” The hospital led and largely organized this three-day, two-part meeting with the first half in Shenzhen hosted by the University of Hong Kong and the second half in Guangzhou hosted by Sun Yat Sen University Hospital.
The conference included faculty and presenters from across the world who have been selected to provide the latest innovations within scoliosis genetic research. Scottish Rite Hospital’s Director of Molecular Genetics Carol Wise, Ph.D. is one of three conference chairpersons. As a leader and co-founder of ICSGDD, she understands its significance and the impact it could have for patients diagnosed with scoliosis. “This group has made great strides over the past year to bring better treatment for complex forms of scoliosis,” says Wise. “The ICSGDD conference is unique because it brings together experts in scoliosis genetic research from different areas of the world. The diversity of the group cultivates collaboration and in-depth discussions to better understand these conditions.”
This international conference is one of many that the hospital is actively involved with each year. As a research and teaching institution, it is important for staff to learn from fellow medical professionals and share their expertise, both locally and internationally, to ultimately provide the best care possible to our patients.

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