Marco Flores

Mar 11, 2019 / Spotlight

Get to Know our SRH Staff: Marco Flores, Family Services

What is your role at the hospital? What do you do on a daily basis?
I am the lead medical interpreter for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. I oversee and help coordinate the day to day operations and language access needs for our patients. My team and I make sure that every patient and/or family with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), that walk through our doors, have quality communication access in their own language via in-person, over the phone and/or video remote interpretation. We also provide translation services for the hospital on a wide variety of documents including patient education materials, consent forms, medical charts, etc. I also provide Spanish interpretation services to every department.
What led you to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children? How long have you worked here?
Como dicen algunos, “no soy de Tejas, pero vine lo más pronto que pude”, así me paso a mí. No trabajaba en Scottish Rite, pero en cuanto tuve la oportunidad de venir y ser parte de la familia de Scottish Rite, lo hice lo más pronto que pude. Ahora llevo trabajando 2 años y contando. Crecí en los alrededores y recuerdo que de niño mi hermano y yo veníamos a jugar aquí enfrente en el parque, nunca me hubiera imaginado que algún día seria parte de esta gran institución.

Like some would say, “I am not from Texas, but I came here as fast as I could”, that’s what happened to me. I wasn’t working at Scottish Rite, but as soon as I got the opportunity to be part of the Scottish Rite family, I did it as soon as I could. Now, I’ve been working here for two years, and counting. I grew up around here, and I remember that as a child my brother and I would come play here at the park. I never would’ve imagined that one day I would be part of this great institution.
What do you enjoy most about Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children?
That we’re all one great happy family, and that we all genuinely care about the wellbeing of our patients. I’ve had the opportunity to work in other local hospitals, and I can honestly say that the amazing atmosphere and high quality service that Scottish Rite Hospital provides is like no other. Coming here never feels like work - I enjoy and love what I do.  
What was your first job? What path did you take to get here?
My first job was as a gelato server for Paciugo. After I graduated from SMU, I worked for Children’s Hospital, then for Parkland for about six years, and finally I made it to Scottish Rite Hospital. 
What do you like to do in your spare time?
En mi tiempo libre, me encanta pasar el tiempo con mi familia, especialmente con mis dos hijos Axel y Erik. Me gustan los deportes, escuchar y tocar música, ir al cine y trabajar en mis autos.

During my spare time, I love spending time with  my family, especially with my two sons, Axel and Erik. I like sports, listening and playing music, going to the movies and working on my cars.
Three words to best describe you:
Sincero, apasionado y altruista.

Sincere, passionate, altruistic
What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?
Train to become a Jedi Master, good with words I am!
What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
Viajar por México después de graduarme de la universidad y visitar diferentes zonas arqueológicas de mis antepasados.

Traveled through Mexico after I graduated from college, and visited different archeological sites from my ancestors.
Upcoming Project:
I will be leading an introductory Spanish class through SRH University (hospital staff development program) that will focus on greetings, general instructions and other staff member/patient interactions.

Learn more about the resources provided through our Family Services department. 

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