Marilyn Ambrose, Human Resources

Apr 26, 2023 / Spotlight

Get to Know our Staff: Marilyn Ambrose, Human Resources

What is your job title/your role at Scottish Rite for Children? 
I am the Talent Acquisitions Partner, and my role is to recruit the best talent possible for Scottish Rite for Children.
What do you do on a daily basis or what sort of duties do you have at work?
Interviewing candidates, talking to managers about their open positions, scheduling interviews, making offers and reviewing candidates in our system.
What was your first job?
My first job was at a dental office while in college.
What do you enjoy most about Scottish Rite?
I enjoy the staff and potential candidates, the families and the culture of the organization and mission.
Tell us something about your job that others might not already know?
You have to source candidates on the internet through LinkedIn and other avenues to find the best candidate.
Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
Maui, Hawaii. I love the ocean and the people and the culture of Hawaii. The sea turtles and dolphins are amazing.
What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?
I love to watch the Dallas Cowboys.
If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
1995 – the year my daughter was born.
What’s one fun fact about yourself?
I enjoy being at the beach, and I love to travel.

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