Nov 03, 2023 / Research & Innovation

Groundbreaking Preclinical Study of Perthes Disease

Our research team is working to provide a new treatment method for teenage and adolescent patients who are diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.
In this groundbreaking preclinical study of Perthes disease, UT Southwestern Medical Center professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Harry Kim, M.D., M.S., et al., discovered a new effective method to speed up and improve healing of the dead bone using a minimally invasive biomaterial. Currently, there is no effective treatment for teenagers and adolescents who develop Perthes disease/femoral head bone death. This new treatment consists of injecting a growth factor, BMP2, within a delivery agent, hydrogel. This allowed for rapid and consistent healing of the dead bone.

Published September 2023 in npj Regenerative Medicine. Read the complete study.

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