Patient jumping in a bounce house

Apr 20, 2021 / Fractures

Jump! Flop! Bounce! Break.

As things get back to normal, we’re seeing an influx of orthopedic injuries from trampolines and bounce houses. We thought you would like some quick tips for making them as safe as possible.
  • Allow one child to jump at a time.
  • Separate the big kids from the younger kids.
  • Supervise at all times.
  • Consider the equipment:
    • Are there mats around the trampoline?
    • Is there a net?
    • Are the springs intact and covered?
  • Consider the environment:
    • Are there a lot of distractions for the supervising adult or the jumpers?
    • Are there safety protocols in place for all participants?
Most common injuries from these activities:
  • Fractured (broken) tibia, the lower leg bone.
    • Proximal tibia fractures occur at the top of the bone close to the knee.
    • Tibial shaft fractures occur in the middle of this long bone.
  • Buckle fracture of the forearm. Learn more here [link to blog].
  • Elbow fracture or dislocation.
Though kids are resilient and heal well from these injuries, we want to keep them safe. Kids under 5 are at a greater risk of injury and count on their parents to protect them in these environments.

Learn about our Fracture Clinic. It’s open weekdays and has morning walk-in hours.

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