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May 09, 2016 / Fractures

Just Say “NO” to Trampolines – Safety Tips From Our Fracture Clinic

Many researchers have pondered whether a trampoline of any kind, with any safety features, can be considered safe. Scottish Rite Hospital pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Christine Ho, M.D., has participated in research looking at injuries from trampoline use. For her family, the answer is clear. No trampoline is safe enough.

She warns parents to not be misled by advertisements and accessories promising to offer a safe experience for your young children. “We see too many injuries in our fracture and hand clinics from trampolines, even the ones that have all the safety features from pads to nets,” Dr. Ho says. Since most injuries occur on the surface of the trampoline, nets and pads do not provide added protection.

We typically see broken bones, but trampolines can cause life-changing spine injuries among other nonorthopedic injuries. For these reasons and more, Dr. Ho, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommend against the use of trampolines in homes and for unsupervised recreational activities. Unfortunately, they know many are still used, and they encourage parents to learn ways to minimize risk of injury.

Be aware of the following things that increase the risk of trampoline injuries in kids:

  • Unsupervised jumping
  • More than one jumper at a time
  • Jumping before the age of six
  • Poorly maintained or broken trampoline equipment

We know protecting your child is your number one priority, but we also know accidents happen. We want you to know that we will continue to share our thoughts on keeping your child safe, but more importantly, we’re here when you need us.

Bumps and bruises are sometimes a normal part of kids being kids! However, if your child breaks a bone, you may call our Fracture Clinic directly at 469-515-7200


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