Patient in hand cast, hand cast guidelines for small children

Apr 20, 2017 / Other Conditions

Patient Education: Hand Cast Care Guidelines for Small Children

How to keep the cast dry:

  • The cast must stay dry. No water! No exceptions! This includes:
    • Indoor and outdoor faucets
    • Dog and cat bowls
    • Water toys
    • Lakes and pools
  • Do not bathe or clean the child in the sink or tub. Casts get wet with less than one inch of water in the sink or tub.
  • Put towels on the bed and give your child a sponge bath with a tightly wrung-out washcloth.

How to keep the cast clean:

  • Parents play a vital role in the healing process by providing good cast care.
  • After the sponge bath, put a long white tube sock over the cast to help keep it clean and dry.
  • Use sippy cups to prevent juice or milk from spilling on the cast.
  • Do not give sweet or sticky liquids to your child to drink (soda, surgary drinks).
  • Keeping the cast clean can help prevent wound infection. Your child may need to be hospitalized and have additional surgery if there is an infection.

How to keep the cast cool:

  • Remember: moisture + heat = germs.
  • Avoid activities that might cause sweating.
  • Stay inside when it is hot outside to prevent overheating and sweating.

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