Oct 09, 2019 / Dyslexia & Learning Disorders

Share Your Story: A Family Affair

Meet Caleb, Josh, Autumn and Ethan - patients who are treated by our dyslexia experts. Learn more about their journey below.

Blog written by their mom, Renee, of McKinney. 

I like to say that our family has been through a dyslexia adventure at Scottish Rite Hospital. Four of our five children are dyslexic and each of them have benefited tremendously from participating in the hospital’s Take Flight program. They have struggled with their dyslexia in different ways and I believe that had they not participated in this program, none of them would be where they are today. We are forever grateful for the teachers, doctors and staff that have made a difference in my children’s future. 
Caleb, our oldest son, was our first child to go through the program. He has since graduated from high school and joined the Air Force Reserves as a firefighter. During his tech school training, he was always at the top of his class. Many men and women don’t make it to graduation, yet he worked very hard and succeeded. He is currently waiting to go through a six-month active-duty training with the Air Force and once completed, will begin to actively apply for fire departments in the DFW metroplex. 
Josh went through the program next. He is about to complete his junior year of high school, really enjoys science and works hard to earn good grades. He also plays football, consistently works out and eats well to stay in shape. He is interested in becoming a physical therapist assistant after graduating from high school.

Then came Autumn. She has excelled with little issues academically and consistently makes the A-honor roll in school. She has a strong desire to go to a four-year university, and is still deciding what she wants to major in. 
Ethan was the last one to complete the program. School can be a struggle for him, but we are seeing amazing progress this year and his confidence continues to grow. He would not be where he is today if it wasn’t for his time at Scottish Rite Hospital.

We are forever grateful for this dyslexia program.

The hospital will always have a special place in our family’s heart. Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude!



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