Sep 09, 2022 / Clubfoot & Foot Disorders

Share Your Story: My Favorite People

Meet Addison, a patient who is seen by our team of multidisciplinary experts. Learn more about her journey below. 
Blog written by Addison.

I have been a patient at Scottish Rite for Children my entire life - more than 15 years! My first appointment was when I was only 5 days old. When I was born, my legs went up toward my head and my knees were backward. I have what is called Larsen’s Syndrome, and this caused me to be born with bilateral knee dislocations, hip dysplasia and club foot. 

Dr. Rathjen is my doctor, and he is one of my favorite people. He changed my life by giving me the ability to walk. Throughout the years, I’ve had a bunch of different surgeries and my legs have been casted. Without him, I would not be able to walk, play sports or do any of the other things I love to participate in. My legs don’t really bend, but that does not slow me down! I really love volleyball, and I’m involved in National Charity League and volunteer in my church nursery. 

Scottish Rite will always be a huge part of my life. When I was younger, I was there so often the hospital almost felt like a second home. Everyone is nice, and I always look forward to the different Scottish Rite activities. My mom would bring me to different events, and I always thought it was the most fun place. Throughout the years, I’ve done different things to give back to the organization. I usually do them around the time of my birthday. Scottish Rite changed my life, and I want to give back to the place that gave me so much. I’ve gotten to know Stephanie Brigger, and she is another one of my favorite people! 

I’ve never allowed my condition to keep me from living life to the fullest.

I dream of becoming a pediatric physical therapist, so I can help other kids like me. I am so thankful for Scottish Rite. 



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