Jan 04, 2023 / Scoliosis & Spine

Share Your Story: Strong and Independent

Rhudi, a strong and independent 18-year-old from Natalia, Texas, had her life turned around when she was diagnosed with congenital kyphoscoliosis, a severe form of scoliosis that causes the spine to curve both to the side and forward or backward. Rhudi was an infant when her mom first noticed a curvature to her spine. Initially, Rhudi was monitored by a local South Texas orthopedist, but when she became a teenager, her spinal curve progressed, and they sought care and treatment from the experts at Scottish Rite for Children in Dallas.

Her condition took her away from her school, her friends and her family, but Rhudi’s parents were determined to get her the best treatment possible and to get her back home and active. In 2019, Rhudi underwent surgery with Daniel J. Sucato, M.D., M.S., which included the application of halo gravity traction, a device that attaches to the head and gently stretches the spine using a pulley device.

Rhudi was an inpatient at Scottish Rite while she continued treatment for her scoliosis and was in a wheelchair for about six months. While she was an inpatient, Rhudi made many friends and built relationships with the other inpatients and the staff who cared for her. During her physical therapy treatment, she was encouraged to go to college after graduating high school to become a physical therapist. She is now a senior in high school. She does all the things she loves, which includes Color Guard, mariachi, playing the violin and singing! She has learned a lot through her journey and hopes to keep helping others to work hard for their success.

“This hospital has taught me a lot and has made me who I am today. I have learned how to be a strong and independent person by working really hard for my successes.” - Rhudi

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