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Oct 08, 2021 / Centennial

Share Your Story: Thank You, Scottish Rite

Meet Mary, a patient who was treated by our orthopedic experts.

Blog written by Mary.  

My name is Mary, and I was a patient at Scottish Rite for Children almost 70 years ago. I was just 1 year old when I was diagnosed with polio. After surviving the initial disease, I was left with physical developmental issues, and my parents were told that I needed orthopedic help at Scottish Rite. Back then, a person needed a Mason to sponsor a patient in order to receive admission. My mom found a Mason, and for the next 12 years, Dr. Carrell and the staff provided extensive treatment, including numerous surgeries, to correct issues with my legs and feet. My family and I met a lot of wonderful and dedicated staff during my treatment there.
During my early time at the hospital, I only spoke Spanish and communicating with the staff was difficult at times. During the next few years, I learned English and became very close with the wonderful staff. My legs and feet never completed “normal” development, but Scottish Rite’s treatment allowed me to lead a wonderful life. From 1 year old to my early teens, I frequently wore casts or braces on my legs and feet.
In addition to helping me as a young child, Scottish Rite has helped my grandson. He was diagnosed with dyslexia during the fourth grade and began a special program provided by the Allen School District. We were told the techniques used by the school were developed by Scottish Rite.
Throughout the years, my family and I have given back to Scottish Rite in different ways. From donating stuffed animals to sponsoring an engraved brick in Chambers Park, we love to stay connected any way we can. I really love the annual holiday ornaments, and when I unpack them each year, they bring back many memories. The popcorn machine has been my favorite. I look forward to receiving the magazine and always read it as soon as I receive it. 

As a senior, my activities have become limited, but I enjoy playing bingo at our senior center and going to casinos. Without Scottish Rite for Children, I would not have been able to lead the life that I’ve had. 



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