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Mar 18, 2020 / Spotlight

Social Workers - Important Members of Our Team

Our Family Services department is committed to supporting our patients and families in various ways. As a resource offered at both our Dallas and Frisco campuses, the team includes social workers who are trained to help with situations that may arise while being a patient. In honor of National Social Work Month, Family Services manager Katie Sheppard, LCSW, answered a few questions to explain what social work is and how the department is a resource to our patients and families. 

What is the role of a social worker?
The role of a social worker can vary depending on the setting they are working in. For social workers at Scottish Rite, our role includes helping families to navigate complex systems (ex: health care, community resources, government benefits, etc.). We also help with locating resources that can help support our patients and families, provide emotional support to them and often act as liaisons and advocates for their needs.

Do social workers go through specific training to be able to do what they do?
Social workers must have a college degree and pass a licensing board exam to be able to call themselves a “social worker.” On our team, each member has a Master of Science in Social Work degree. Five of our social workers hold advanced licensing (licensed clinical social worker or LCSW). We are also required to complete continuing education to maintain our license.

How many social workers do we have on staff? Do we have this service at both campuses?
We have a total of eight social workers – six at our Dallas campus and two at the Frisco campus. 

What are the most common things they do to help our patients/families?
The most common things tend to be with referrals for Ronald McDonald House, guiding and assisting families with utilizing medical transportation services, admission and discharge planning, transition planning and overall a resource to connect families with other services that will help in the care and support of their child’s medical care.

How can you be connected with a social worker?
Call the Family Services department at either campus: 
Dallas: 214-559-7490 
Frisco: 469-515-7191
Non-patients or former patients, the Family Resource Center: 214-559-7573

What are example scenarios where a social worker could be needed? 
  1. A patient family needs help finding a place to stay overnight or needs assistance with transportation to an appointment or admission.
  2. A patient family needs support in navigating the benefits or programs that their child may be eligible for due to a disabling condition.
  3. A parent is struggling with talking to the school about their child’s diagnosis or obtaining the special education or accommodation supports that their child needs to be successful in school.
  4. A patient family is in crisis and needs shelter, food or other basic necessity.
Learn more about the Family Services department. 

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