Taylor Morrison explains sports nutrition and wellness at the hospital during Facebook live.

Apr 04, 2018 / Sports Medicine

#SRHaccess Facebook LIVE Recap: Sports Nutrition and Wellness

On this week’s Facebook live, the hospital’s Director of Wellness Taylor Morrison, M.S., R.D., L.D.  joined us to discuss her role with our sports medicine patients and overall wellness at the hospital. Below is a recap of the conversation.

Watch the live segment. 

What is her role with our patients?
  • She is a sports dietician who works specifically with our sports medicine patients. 
  • She has appointments at our Plano campus every first, second and third Fridays of the month.
  • Provides guidance and education on meal plans tailored to the athlete depending on their sport, age, weight and development stage.
What are the most common issues seen in young athletes?
  • Stress fractures from high level training and overuse injuries. 
  • From high intensity training or multisport involvement, many athletes are not taking in enough calories.
  • As the athlete grows and develops, their body requires more calories to have sufficient energy to perform. 
  • Young athletes skipping meals. 
Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies in young athletes – what foods can help with this?
  • Best sources of calcium: milk, yogurt and cheese
  • By meeting with the nutritionist, if your child does not like these options, she will help you be creative in finding ways to incorporate calcium and vitamin D into their diet.  
    • Smoothie, oatmeal made with milk, etc.
What should parents know about making an appointment with the sports nutritionist? 
  • She only sees sports medicine patients who have a referral from their physician at Scottish Rite Hospital.
  • Once the referral comes through, the athlete is scheduled for a clinic visit with the nutritionist. 
Athletes who are vegetarians:
  • Provide education to the athletes and caregivers on being creative when it comes to meals to make sure they are getting all the nutrients needed to be successful.
  • Learn more from our ‘Tips and Guidelines for the Vegetarian Athlete’ blog. 
Wellness at the hospital:
  • Healthier option offered each day. 
  • Different stations: pre-made sandwiches, grill, deli, salad bar and other options.
  • ‘Eat Rite’ logo designates the food as a healthy option. Dietitians at the hospital evaluate the meal to make sure it meets certain criteria as a healthy food. 
  • Dieticians work closely with the hospitals’ chefs to make tasty and healthy options.
  • Examples of healthy options include:
    • Grab & go salads and sandwiches
    • Pretzels and hummus
    • Vegetarian and vegan soups

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