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Summer Colors Artist Spotlights: Part IV

Summer Colors, now in its 10th year, was an idea born out of passion for both art and the patients of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Founded in 2009 by Jenny and Loren Koziol and Jill and Dupree Scovell, this silent art auction raises awareness about the hospital, while also exposing the Dallas community to up and coming local artists. Each year, local artists donate original pieces of art to be featured in the auction, with all the proceeds benefiting our hospital. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to all of the artists. This year’s event will be held on Thursday, July 26, at Scottish Rite Hospital. Additional information and tickets can be found at scottishritehospital.org/summercolors



Dallas entrepreneur, Jenny Grumbles, obtained her degree in journalism and studio art from Southern Methodist University in 2002.  Her work-life is threefold; artist, shop-owner, and buyer for A&E’s hit series, Storage Wars Texas.  Jenny’s paintings have been sold in galleries and shops throughout Georgia, Texas, and California.  She is the proprietor to her very own vintage home furnishings shop, Uptown Country Home. 

Since realizing her passion in painting in 1994, she has created an impressionist style with loose brush strokes and an emphasis on light and color. There is never black on her palette. Her subject matter includes everything from children on the beach, home interiors, florals, and commissioned work. Jenny attributes much of her success to her mentor, the renowned Claudia Hartley of Arizona, and to gallery owner, Anne Irwin, of Atlanta. 

Jenny also spends much of her time searching for treasures to recycle, repurpose, and repaint for sale in her shop. 

In addition to her shop and artwork, Jenny has a passion for politics and major league baseball. 

Jenny’s main aspiration is to make the world a better place through political advocacy, creative art and home decor, because she truly believes, whether it’s the whole world, or a little cottage in Dallas, home is where the heart is.


Helen Green’s work was described by a local Dallas store as “simplistic beauty with light and airy colors that will add a touch of summer to any room”. Raised in Boerne, Texas under her mom’s easel, Helen has developed her graceful style, which has caught the attention of area stores, cafes and followers on Facebook site called GraceFilledNestTumblr.com

Her education began at the University of Texas but chose to graduate at the Art Institute of Dallas. She left the stressful corporate world environment after beginning her career in a high-end specialty store in the visual communications department and ending as a senior art director for a national retailer. Now she finds true joy and peace as a stay at home mom with her precious 6-year-old daughter where she takes time to paint in her studio.

She also has mini art camps from home to encourage children to find joy in painting during a 2 hour sessions. Each with devotion, inspiration and snacks. They leave with their painted canvases and a smile! Facebook site called “Grace Filled Nest Mini Art Camps” 

Sweetly rooted in her faith, Helen is moved daily by the beauty that she sees in the world through the eyes of the LORD. It’s amazing the following that she is blessed with in like-minded people and others that recognize a still small voice in her work.


I am a Texas native and earned a BA in Journalism from Baylor University. After many years in the corporate world, I took the leap of faith to pursue my lifelong passion as a self-taught artist. I am now a full time, working artist and dedicate my days to painting and searching for creative avenues in everything I do.

My passions are creating and inspiring, and I wake up each day in hopes of combining the two in every endeavor. I paint in acrylics, often combining stains and metallic leafs and powders into my pieces. I am drawn to objects that reflect movement, and this is incorporated into my works. Finding beauty in unusual objects and places, I use unconventional tools and techniques to create imaginative, one-of-a-kind works of art. My goal is to create a painting for the buyer that will add flair and a special dimension to the space where it will reside.

Madison Slusher

Madison has been a jewelry designer since 2006 and newly developed abstractpainter.

Madison's inspiration is knowing that someone will treasure my art as much as she does and bring them joy!


Abigail Law

In 7th grade, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and became a patient here at TSRHC. I had to wear a back brace for 20 hours a day for most of 7th and 8th grade. On the last week of 8th grade, I underwent Scoliosis surgery with Dr. Sucato. I will forever be grateful for the angels here at Scottish Rite and I decided that I wanted to give back. I have been holding my own Art Show annually since the year of my surgery. My 3rd annual Art Show was on May 11 at Christy M Boutique in Snider Plaza which benefited the hospital. I do this because It’s my own way of giving back to the place that has given me so much. I’m honored to be a part of Summer Colors! It gives me another opportunity to show my love and respect for Scottish Rite.


I am a mom of three beautiful children, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend to many. I have lived in Texas my whole life and North Texas for most of that. I work for locally based non-profit ambulance service Careflite. I am a paramedic and enjoy taking care of my patients and their families. I paint as a hobby. I never really considered myself and artist, but I truly enjoy creating art, so I guess that makes me one.
I love seeing what colors work together, and never really know what is going to end up on the canvas. I love abstract art, as it can mean many different things to many different people. I love blues and greens, and fluid movement. I take inspiration from my children's drawings and paintings that they make because they are truly random and beautiful.

Matt Esparza

Matt Esparza is a Dallas based visual artist, film maker and photographer. As a graduate of Oral Roberts University (ORU), in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Matt obtained a degree in Art Graphic Design, with a concentration in Video. He was also a key player on the ORU Men’s Soccer team, and went on to train with professional clubs in Brazil. As a gifted artist, Matt has displayed and sold works across the United States, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Tulsa, New York and Los Angeles. After living in L.A. for a year, and apprenticing under highly respected artist, Andy Anh Ha, Matt relocated to Dallas in 2012 to establish his studio.Matt is continually getting inspiration from the world around him, drawing equally from urban and rural textures, international travels, and famous artists.

The artists who have most influenced him include: Jackson Pollock, Jean- Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Georges Mathieu and Franz Kline. His main source of inspiration,however, is his faith in God, and the effect that has had on his life.

Matt is a highly travelled individual and has visited over 18 countries in the past 10 years. He has recently returned from an 8 month sabbatical in which he lived and travelled around the world and visited 12 different countries including, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Mexico. Esparza’s preferred medium is a variety of acrylic and oils, on board, with regular use of polymers, spray paints, stains, epoxy resin and sheet metal. When Esparza is not painting or traveling the world filming, he is busy volunteering at his church, enjoying local eats, working out, dancing or enjoying the outdoors.


B.A. in art from Hastings College in Hastings, NE. I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. 
Inspired by ordinary moments, rainy days, and quietness.


Rachel Nash

Rachel Nash is an artist and art therapist. She recieved her undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University and her Masters from The Scho ol of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Rachel is drawn to color, she loves mixing paint and seeks to create colors that are found in nature. She is also drawn to people and human nature, a common theme she explores in her work.


I have been painting and drawing since I was 5 years old. I am a former patient of TSRH. I received my BFA in graphic design from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2010. I will paint or draw on anything that will hold paint. The world is my canvas, from walls (murals) to shoes to printing t-shirts to paint on making my own canvases; I’m blessed to say I do it all!

I get my inspiration from everyday life and sometimes even my dreams. Most times I’ll let my imagination run wild on a canvas.



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