Patient in Fracture Clinic being evaluated.

Dec 05, 2018 / Fractures

What You Need to Know About Getting a Cast Removed

The experts in our Fracture Clinic specialize in caring for broken bones. Depending on the child and the nature of the injury, a cast may be needed to treat the break. Learn more about our Fracture Clinic, located at our Frisco campus, and what it is like to have a cast removed. 

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When you arrive:
  • Check in at the Fracture Clinic desk and complete a health history questionnaire.
  • A Child Life specialist can be available to talk with you, to make sure the experience is smooth and enjoyable, plus they can prepare you for what to expect.
  • The cast technician will let you look at the tools beforehand and will explain what is going to happen. 
During the removal:
  • You can wear head phones, if you are sensitive to loud sounds.
  • Some people even think it tickles.

After the cast comes off:

  • Try not to scratch the skin.
  • Blot warm water on the area if the skin itches.
  • You can use lotion on the skin, but not right away. Speak with your provider before using lotion.
  • A follow up X-ray may be needed.
  • Your provider will then examine you, to confirm the bones are properly healing. 
Learn more about our Fracture Clinic and walk-in hours or call 469-515-7200 to schedule an appointment. 

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