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Jan 25, 2021 / Sports Medicine

Why is a Sports Registered Dietitian Valuable to Your Young Athlete?

Is your athlete struggling to get the upper edge in his or her sport or trying to recover from a recent or recurring injury? Maybe your athlete is competitive in school and club sports while also trying to manage a chronic illness like diabetes, gastrointestinal (GI) issues or food allergies. These situations can all be overwhelming for an athlete and family. However, working with a registered dietitian can help ease the burden and help you and your athlete navigate food in a way that will help him or her recover and excel in their sport.

As part of our multidisciplinary approach to care, we have a certified sports dietitian on our team to support the wellness of our young athletes. We understand that every athlete is different, making it even more important that they understand the proper ways to fuel and take care of their bodies. 

While anyone can claim to specialize in nutrition, it is best for athletes to work with a registered dietitian (RD), specifically one that is a certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD). They have special training and are qualified to help manage health or illness, prepare for or recover from surgery and fuel for sport.  

A Registered Certified Sports Dietitian is uniquely educated and credentialed to:
  • Provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT).
    • MNT includes a nutrition diagnosis as well as therapeutic and counseling services to help manage conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, eating disorders and more.
  • Evaluate the quality of supplements, making sure they are safe and effective.
  • Assist an athlete in achieving weight management and body composition goals in a safe and realistic way that acknowledges and avoids body image issues and eating disorders.
  • Teach athletes helpful skills through cooking demonstrations, meal planning and grocery store tours.
Find all resources from our sports dietitian on the sports nutrition page

Dietitians are qualified to provide the above care because of the education they receive and the 1,200 hours of supervised practice they complete. Learn more about a registered dietitian here

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