dark headed woman wearing gloves holds a DNA sample

Nov 01, 2017 / Research & Innovation

A Wise Approach: Frisco Style

When Dr. Carol Wise looks at the thousands of specimen tubes that reside in the laboratory she oversees at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, she sees not only vials filled with important DNA samples, but also the patients and families behind them. People who generously and, quite literally, gave of themselves in hopes of helping further advancements in science and medicine that may someday work to cure others. “That tube is a little tube of gold,” says Dr. Wise, 54, who is the hospital’s director of molecular genetics and basic science. “People have heard me say our freezer is Fort Knox, and every time you hold a tube, that is somebody who was kind enough to give us a sample, or somebody who might have been suffering quite a bit.”  

Read the full article here to learn more about Dr. Carol Wise and her groundbreaking research career at Scottish Rite Hospital. 


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