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Oct 26, 2018 / General News

Community Impact: Scottish Rite for Children opens in Frisco

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Scottish Rite for Children, which began accepting patients in mid-October, held a grand opening ceremony Thursday.

The orthopedic facility is the first Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children campus outside of its Dallas campus, where the primary location has been for nearly 100 years.

Anchored by the Center for Excellence in Sports Medicine, the facility specializes in orthopedic care and sports medicine exclusively for children.

The campus includes public walking and running trails. And like the Dallas campus, the hallways of Scottish Rite for Children smells of popcorn.

“Today, we are translating the expert care to our location in Frisco, and here we promise to provide the same core values: our commitment to unsurpassed medical care and the magical elements that will make Scottish Rite for Children a place like no other—to give children back their childhood,” said Lyndon Olson, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children board chairman.

The facility is located at the northeast corner of Dallas Parkway and Lebanon Road.


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