Austin in exam room with Dwight

Sep 17, 2021 / Centennial

Dallas Morning News: Scottish Rite for Children celebrates a century of comprehensive orthopedic care for all

In honor of Scottish Rite for Children’s 100th anniversary, the world-renowned institution known for healing kids’ muscles, joints and bones is celebrating all its patients’ victories. For the past century, Scottish Rite has given more than 335,000 children back their childhood and the ability to follow their dreams. 

From scoliosis to sport-related injuries to prosthetic limbs and clubfoot, the one-of-a-kind organization pioneers innovations for pediatric orthopedics.

Two years ago, Austin came to Scottish Rite for Children for his prosthetic care after sustaining an injury that required a below-the-knee amputation. Read more to learn how Scottish Rite has helped Austin get back his boundless potential and defy expectations.

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