Dr. Miller on football field

Jul 24, 2019 / Sports Medicine

FOX 4: New guidelines changing how schools treat on-the-field injuries

Sports medicine physician Dr. Shane Miller joined FOX 4 News  to share his expertise in keeping student-athletes safe as they return to sports in this Texas heat. Our team has joined forces with Irving Independent School DistrictIrving Fire Department and UT Southwestern Medical Center to create a comprehensive emergency plan for when these incidents happen.
New guidelines are changing how schools in North Texas respond to sports injuries, even saving lives. A new law was just signed into effect that will require school districts to have a bleeding control kit on each school campus, in addition to training school personnel that may need to “Stop the Bleed.”
Regulations are also now in place to help band members acclimate to the Texas heat. Pre-season physicals will be required for all students participating in marching band, due to the increased number of heat related incidents.  

Watch FOX 4’s feature or learn more about Stop the Bleed 

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