doctor adjusts pavlik harness on infant

Dec 19, 2017 / Hip Disorders

Hip Dysplasia in Some Linked to Poor Swaddling

Development dysplasia of the hip, also known as DDH, occurs in one in 1,000 births, and doctors at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children warn how improper swaddling can lead to the condition.

DDH is a relationship between the ball and the socket of the hip joint, in which the socket of the pelvis doesn't fully protect the ball of the upper femur.

"Very commonly, the doctor doing the exam can actually push the ball in and out of the socket and feel the hip to be loose," said Dr. David Podeszwa, at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

When swaddling, a baby's legs should be in a frog-like position and should have enough room to move around. Read the full story here

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