SRH Volunteer Mayra Claudio Interview

Sep 25, 2017 / Spotlight

Hometown Hero: SRH Volunteer Mayra Claudio

31-year-old Mayra Claudio loves to go fast. Her wheelchair has five speeds, and she uses them.

People at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children are accustomed to her smiling, social self as she rides by them. Since 2005, she's volunteered about five days a week, escorting patients to their appointments, sorting and delivering the mail, delivering gifts to patients and more.

When Mayra was 1 year old, she had leg separation surgery at the Dallas hospital and says through the years the doctors, nurses and staff made a powerful difference in her life.  She's happy to give back by donating more than 7,300 volunteer hours.

Watch the full video here:

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