Volunteers sew bed sheets and gowns for patients

May 07, 2019 / General News

Hometown Hero: The Sewing Ladies

A specific group of volunteers at Scottish Rite Hospital, who call themselves The Sewing Ladies, have been a staple at the hospital since its earliest years. Originally, the group consisted mostly of wives of the hospital's doctors. Now, the volunteers come from all different backgrounds but have one thing in common - they love to sew.

Between them, The Sewing Ladies have more than 800 years of sewing experience, and they put that experience to good use. Last year, the group of volunteers created more than 400 bed sheets and more than 500 hospital gowns for the hospital's young patients.

Clarice Tinsley of FOX 4 recently featured the group in her "Hometown Heroes" segment.

Watch the full story here.

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