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Oct 14, 2021 / Centennial

KRLD News: CEO Spotlight

On October 10, Scottish Rite for Children is celebrating a huge milestone as it marks its centennial year
of giving children back their childhood. For a century, this remarkable institution has provided excellent care and
introduced many innovative treatments in pediatric orthopedics to become a world leader in healing children's muscles, joints and bones.

Scottish Rite was established in 1921 amid the polio epidemic. A group of Texas Masons approached Dallas's first orthopedic surgeon, W. B. Carrell, M.D., about providing treatment to children affected by polio, regardless of their families' ability to pay. Soon after the clinic opened, word began to spread about a one-of-a-kind place made specifically for kids, attracting families from across the state.

"For 100 years, Scottish Rite for Children's mission has never wavered," said Robert L. Walker, president and CEO. "Throughout the years, each staff member, volunteer, trustee, friend and donor has focused on how we can improve the lives of the children we serve locally and around the world."

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