Malachi Walker speaks to patients about his book.

Aug 15, 2018 / General News

Meet Malachi - The 13-year-old Motivational Speaker

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DALLAS – Some people’s first thought when they hear about a 13-year-old motivational speaker is probably, “What could I possibly learn from a 13-year-old?”

If that’s what crosses your mind, it’s time to think twice. Malachi Walker was born in 2005, but he has the kind of wisdom some people born in 1975 could use. “My goal with the book is helping other people accomplish their goals and get out of their bad situations,” he explained.

Malachi wrote The Boomerang Effect, which he explains is “the strategy to help you shatter your glass ceiling.” “What you sow you will reap and what you throw you will keep,” he said. “That’s what the boomerang effect is. Your choices come back to you.”

He’s not only an author, but he’s also a budding motivational speaker. At Scottish Rite Hospital’s recent annual book sale, Malachi read and signed The Boomerang Effect for a captive audience of patients and families.

The book features an appropriate title for the speaking appearance, as he was back at the place it all began.

Scottish Rite doctors diagnosed Malachi with a knee problem that kept him out of soccer, his greatest passion, for 13 months. But during those 13 months, he wrote his book. His mother Christina and father Charlie were supportive, but surprised. “When he first told us that he wanted to be a motivational speaker, I remember looking at Charlie, you know – when [Malachi] wasn’t looking at us - and my eyes got really big, and I thought, ‘OK we’re going to help you do that!’

The book is also about being kind, because Malachi has realized how you treat people has an impact on how they treat you in return. That is a lesson the Walkers have worked hard to teach their children. “You never know if they’re going to pick up what you teach them,” Christina said. “It’s neat to see him grab something and do something with it.”

Malachi is practicing his motivational speaking skills by regularly posting videos on his YouTube channel.


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