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Dec 08, 2017 / General News

Scottish Rite Hospital Doctors Make Friendly Competition out of Dallas Marathon

It's part tradition, part friendly competition: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children's faculty vs. fellows.

Teams of five will relay the 26.2-mile BMW Dallas Marathon on Sunday.

"There's a fellow team every year made up of fellows who are training to become specialists in pediatric orthopedic surgery, and they compete every year against the faculty and staff who are their educators and mentors," said orthopedic surgeon Anthony Riccio. 

Back in the day, Dr. Riccio ran on the fellows team. Since then, things have changed.

"Since 2010 I've been faculty, and now of course I've switched allegiances and run with the staff," he said.

Their competition dates back at least 20 years that they know of, and almost every year, guess who's come out on top? To see the full story, watch here

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