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Aug 31, 2021 / General News

US News & World Report: Pandemic Had Many Young Athletes Reconsidering Their Sport

At Scottish Rite for Children, ongoing research helps our medical staff provide the best and most innovative patient care. Throughout the pandemic, the Sports Medicine team conducted research to determine how COVID-19 has affected physical activity and play routines in young athletes.

“Evaluating the ways in which young athletes have been uniquely affected by the drastic alteration of daily sport routines may increase understanding of the significant impact of sport participation on physical and mental well-being,” says Henry B. Ellis, M.D., principal investigator of the study. “The effects of mandated rest on the current athlete culture and the importance of providing data to guide treatment efforts for mental health dysfunction may become more prevalent in the months following the implementation of social distancing mandates.” 
Pediatric orthopedic surgeon and associate director of clinical research, Henry B. Ellis, M.D., spoke with HealthDay, discussing how young athletes handled COVID-19.
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