Jul 28, 2020 / Clubfoot & Foot Disorders

Share Your Story: A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Meet Jade, a patient who is treated by our experts in the Center for Excellence in Foot. Learn more about her journey below.

Blog written by Jade's mom, Deirdra, of South Carolina. 

We first noticed a growth on Jade’s ankle in March 2017. Initially, we went to her pediatrician and were told that it was cancer. They did an X-ray and the doctor could not determine what the growth was. He then sent us to Scottish Rite for Children and as soon as we met with Dr. McIntosh we all felt better.
Jade needed a CT scan to take a better look at her ankle. Luckily, we learned that she in fact did NOT have cancer. Jade has an incredibly rare condition called Trevor's Disease. Basically, this causes an overgrowth of cartilage and we were told to come back in six months to check for additional growth.
In October 2017, Jade started to experience pain when walking and running. It also happened to be time for her follow-up appointment, so after discussion with Dr. McIntosh, we determined that surgery would be the best option for Jade. Her surgery was scheduled for the next month. It was the day of her surgery and everyone was amazing - the nursing staff, the doctors and even the pastor who prayed with us made us feel at ease. Jade did wonderful and even woke up a few dollars richer. She had a couple of loose teeth that the anesthesiologist needed to remove, and the tooth fairy visited her in the operating room! It was incredibly special for us to have such a caring staff.
At the time of her surgery, we were living in Texas. We have since moved to South Carolina, but we still make annual trips back to Dallas just to see Dr. McIntosh for Jade’s follow-up appointments. Scottish Rite for Children means everything to us. Everyone is willing to help, and they make all children feel special. When a kiddo is going through major surgery, it is so nice to have amazing staff surround you for every step of the journey.



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