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Oct 17, 2017 / General News

Courageous Kid: Aspen Wilkinson

Every little gymnast has big dreams, but 8-year-old Aspen Wilkinson is no ordinary gymnast.

"Aspen is obviously a really brave and strong little girl who doesn't stop ever!" said her mother, Mary Novas.

Aspen doesn't let her prosthetic foot keep her from the sport she loves.

Three years ago, the budding athlete lost her right foot during a trip to see her grandparents.

"Riding on the lawnmower with her granddad was part of the fun with the trip, and when we pulled up, he happened to be mowing the yard," Novas said.

"She couldn't hear us yelling. He couldn't hear her behind him, and he went to do a pivot and turn back up, and he just ran over her," the girl's mother said.

Aspen endured four surgeries and months of recovery, but all that time, Novas says Aspen's main concern was returning to gymnastics.

Some days are tougher than others, but Aspen has a response for anyone who asks about her foot.

"I just say that I had an accident and I can do anything that anyone else can do," Aspen said.

"I'm gonna get a better foot, and I really want to get one of the blades so then I can bounce around and it's easier to balance," she said.

Aspen had the majority of her care at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, where she and her family share their story with other families dealing with similar situations.

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