In partnership with the Dallas Mavericks, Scottish Rite for Children continues to look for ways to reach youth and keep them active and healthy. We have supported the Mavs Academy team promoting safety and wellness with participants in all of their programs.

Coaches Academy
Now offered in a virtual format, our team has provided expert guidance for coaches participating in the virtual clinics offered by the Mavs Academy. Most recently, our team provided instructions for a team dynamic warm-up and stress management tips for athletes, watch the event here.
Check out the MAVSFIT page to learn more about the resources developed by our expert  team of physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches. We’ll add more as they become available.

Activities to do on your own: Mavs Academy

Warm Up the RITE Way
We implemented a new program at the Mavs Academy Hoop and Development Camps called “Warm up the RITE way.” When an athlete performs the right exercises before hitting the court, muscles that protect your hips, knees and ankles from injuries are activated. More Resources
We’ve collected the best advice for basketball players and athletes of all kinds into one place. Check out the Mavs Academy to learn about nutrition, injury prevention and more. You can share these resources with coaches and other families, health and safety are both an individual and a team effort!

Dallas Mavs Youth Combine
Our participation in this event has grown and will continue to grow. In a first of its kind event, the Dallas Mavericks offer an experience for middle school basketball players. The half-day program is invitation-only due to the rigorous programming and testing offered. In the most recent event, we provided young athletes with a snapshot of their movement analysis and areas for improvement. In our conclusion, even the best players need to work on the foundation. We look forward to the continued development of this program to include more players and give more individualized feedback to help players stay injury-free, now and later.
Young athletes in the basketball gym working out

Sports Nutrition

Our team is committed to caring for young athletes - even before they may need us. Scottish Rite's certified sports dietitian Taylor Morrison, M.S., R.D., CSSD, L.D., works closely with this population to help them understand the importance of sports health and nutrition and fueling the body to stay healthy and in the game. 

Learn more on the Sports Nutrition page >>