At Scottish Rite for Children, we are committed to helping kids and young athletes get back to doing what they love. Our experts are focused on educating patients and their families on ways to stay healthy and prevent injuries.

We are the official health partners of the Mavs Academy. As an organization, the Dallas Mavericks are also interested in building a strong foundation for those in youth sports to help keep these athletes healthy and active into adulthood. We’re proud to partner with them to provide tips to stay healthy on and off the court. Together, our vision is to help young athletes learn the skill and fundamentals they need to keep competing and having fun.

For young athletes, it’s important to get your head in the game before you arrive at the court. This begins with good, healthy eating and healthy sleep habits. As experts in healing muscles, joints and bones, our team provides education on injury prevention on topics such as:

Warm up the RITE way

We introduced a new program at the Mavs Academy Hoop and Development Camps called “Warm up the RITE way.” Warming up gets your body prepared for a game or practice. When you perform the right exercises, you activate and strengthen the muscles that protect your hips, knees and ankles form injuries. Learn more. ​

Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries are preventable injuries that are caused by repetitive stresses on body tissues during activities like running, jumping and throwing. Changing training patterns helps reduce the risk of injury and assists with overall athletic development. Kids under 12 should be active in more than one sport and spend off-hours from their primary sport cross training in a variety of activities that emphasize different body parts and training intensity levels. 


Nutrition is important for injury prevention and recovery. Young athletes should learn how food is meant to fuel their bodies for growing and playing. With good eating habits, they will be able to perform their best and avoid injuries. Learn more.


Stability and balance training can help improve performance and prevent injuries. The nerves and muscles work together to protect the joints and muscles during activity but practicing this “neuromuscular” coordination starts with simple exercises like standing on one leg. If an athlete can’t perform something when standing still, how can we expect him or her to do it while jumping or running? Learn more


Fluids play a critical role in health and athletic performance. Even mild dehydration can lead to poor performance, decreased endurance and increased risk of heat-related illness. Proper hydration starts long before game time. Learn more.

Following Rules

Rules and guidelines are thoughtfully designed to meet several goals. From establishing a shared understanding of the competition to promoting a fair and safe environment. Rules can prevent injuries. 

Check out the Mavs Academy for more videos and information on these topics. 

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