Updates About Coronavirus Precautions

At Scottish Rite for Children, the safety of our patients, families and staff remains our number one priority. We continue to require masks and practice social distancing at all of our locations, even once vaccinated. Read below to learn about our latest safety precautions in place for those visiting our campuses.

Patient and Family Safety Information
Here are a few things you need to know when you arrive for an appointment at our Dallas or Frisco campuses:
  • Masks: We are asking all visitors to wear face coverings. Masks are available during screening at the Main Entrance for patients and their families who do not have masks. These masks do not need to be returned.
  • Screening: All families will have their temperature taken by a thermal scanner. This is a new temperature scanning device that automatically takes a person’s temperature as they walk into the building. You and your child will walk into view of the system and you will see a thermal image of yourself on screen with your temperature listed above the box. If the system shows a fever, you will be asked to step back and try again. You will also be asked a series of questions regarding symptoms and travel. Once requirements have been met, the patient and the family member will be required to apply hand sanitizer.
  • Social distancing: We ask that you continue to social distance (6 feet apart) even while wearing your mask. 
The above protocols are based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to help slow the spread of the virus so that we can continue our commitment of providing the best care to children.

If you are not ready to come back to our campus, telemedicine options through an on-line virtual visit may be available. Please contact our Scheduling department for more information – Dallas: 214-559-7400 and Frisco: 469-515-7100.

Please view Scottish Rite's COVID-19 Standards of Safe Practice Policy.

For the latest updates regarding the coronavirus, visit the CDC website

COVID-19 Vaccine
Scottish Rite for Children no longer has COVID-19 vaccines for any age.

For additional COVID-19 Vaccine information, Scottish Rite recommends using the following resources: