Our physical therapists help patients develop or maintain maximum movement, function and participation. We treat pediatric and adolescent orthopedic and sports-related conditions.

Watch these videos to learn more:
Physical therapist helping patient with forearm crutches walk at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children


Our Occupational Therapy department teaches our patients to use specialized equipment and use their bodies in new ways that will help them with activities such as eating and dressing on their own. Children learn skills that will help them gain independence and prepare for living independently as an adult. Occupational therapists also assess patients’ development, evaluate motor skills, personal and social interaction, language abilities and make recommendations for wheelchairs. For more information, please call 214-559-7790.

Watch our Facebook Live video to learn more about occupational therapy for our hand patients. 

Visit our YouTube channel to take a tour of our Occupational Therapy department.
Scottish Rite for Children occupational therapy patient in leg cast


The on-site Radiology departments in Dallas and Frisco assist physicians in providing the highest quality patient care. If your child’s orthopedic condition requires imaging, the Radiology departments are conveniently located within the clinic areas. 

Our imaging modalities include:
  • Digital X-ray rooms and portable digital units
  • Computed Radiography in our surgery suites
  • CT (Dallas Campus only)
  • Ultrasound
  • Fluoroscopy
  • 1.5T GE & 3.0T GE MRI (Dallas) and 3.0T Philips MRI ( Frisco)
  • EOS ®
    • The system allows for long length images of the spine and lower extremities to be captured with significantly less radiation than is normally required using standard imaging equipment.  
Below are some additional resources to prepare patients for their appointment with our Radiology department.
Radiology nurse high-fiving patient after X-rays were taken at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children


Athletic trainers are licensed health care professionals who work in a variety of sport and clinical settings providing injury prevention, acute injury management and rehabilitation. Athletic trainers can be found in our clinics and on the sidelines at youth sporting events.

Clinic-based athletic trainers bring years of sideline experience to enhance our sports medicine services at the Frisco campus. They participate in injury evaluations, diagnosis and treatment education, brace fitting and return-to-play guidance. Unlike most health care professionals, the background of an athletic trainer includes sport-specific and position-specific training and care experience. Once a clinical diagnosis and care plan is made, the athletic trainer helps the patient and family understand what this means for the athlete in their sport.

Our outreach athletic trainer team provides acute injury assessment and management at a variety of community sporting events for soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, basketball and 7V7 football. Athletic trainers provide care for injuries that need immediate care and are highly qualified in managing sport-related emergency situations.

Email sportsmedicine@tsrh.org to inquire about athletic trainer coverage for your event.
Athletic trainer with child


The Movement Science Laboratory at Scottish Rite for Children is an integral part of the treatment of our patients. The team uses leading-edge technology to evaluate and identify movement to help our doctors make decisions about the best treatment options for the child. Learn more.
Scottish Rite for Children's Movement Science Laboratory using 3D motion-capture technology


Our Therapeutic Recreation department helps children who have a chronic medical condition or disability develop skills and knowledge needed to be involved in recreation and leisure activities. Learn more about the services and patient programs provided by our Therapeutic Recreation department.
Teenage boy in wheelchair playing in basketball league provided by the Therapeutic Recreation department at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children


Child Life specialists focus on the social, emotional, developmental and educational needs of children and teenagers in the hospital, surgery and outpatient setting. Learn more about the services that Scottish Rite or Children's Child Life specialists provide to our patients and their families.
Child Life Specialist helping infant at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children