Baby patient working with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children nurse

May 25, 2016 / Fractures

Kids Are Amazing, and Kids’ Bones Are Too!

Knox fell off a slide and when he braced for the fall, he broke both of the bones in his forearm. During his clinic visit, our Fracture Clinic team straightened his arm and molded a custom cast to keep his bones in good alignment. In the emergency room, many parents are told surgery will be needed for this type of injury. The great news is that a good evaluation and a good cast can actually lead to great outcomes without surgery.

We’ve already told you that children are not small adults, and there is no better example of this than a child’s ability to heal broken bones through the process called bone remodeling. Many fractures that require surgery in an adult patient can be managed without surgery in a child. As pediatric orthopedic specialists, we know when it is safe to manage a broken bone with just a cast and close observation or when surgery may be a better option. In most cases, as with Knox, growing bones heal relatively quickly and have few complications.

Our fracture team is focused on getting children like Knox back to playing. In every possible situation we avoid surgery and we always look out for risks of injuries that may affect future growth.

We hope you don’t need us, but our Fracture Clinic is here for you. Call 469-515-7200 for an appointment or for more information about walk-in hours.


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