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Donor Spotlight: A Promise Kept in Abundance

Published in Rite Up, 2023 – Issue 2. 

“Scottish Rite for Children provides the best care in the world, regardless of a family’s ability to pay,” says retired Texas State Senator Troy Fraser. Fifty years ago, Troy and his wife, Linda, experienced this world-class care firsthand — at a time when they needed it most. It changed the trajectory of their lives and inspired them to become champions for Scottish Rite.

The Frasers had their first child, a son, in 1972. Chase was born with clubfoot, a surprise to the family. “His foot was totally upside down,” Linda says. “The doctor said, ‘We just hope that he can walk,’ and I said, ‘No. Chase will be able to walk.’” The Frasers discovered Scottish Rite for Children and found answers for Chase’s condition with the chief of staff at the time, the late Brandon Carrell, M.D.

“Linda was pregnant with our second child, and the company that I was working for went bankrupt, so I lost my job and our health insurance,” Troy says. Anticipating a new addition to the family and Chase’s care, Troy tried to make arrangements with Scottish Rite to pay for Chase’s surgery over time, unaware that Scottish Rite would cover his care. When they learned that they would not receive a bill, it was a profound moment that stuck with them. “Scottish Rite was like an angel that came down from heaven,” Troy says. “Linda and I made a commitment that we would pay them back.”

The Frasers have graciously kept their promise and then some. For decades, they have supported Scottish Rite. Troy helped start the Central Texas Golf Classic, a golf tournament in Austin that has raised significant funds to benefit Scottish Rite patients. “To witness the heart that Troy, Linda and their family have for Scottish Rite for Children is truly amazing,” says Vice President of Development Stephanie Brigger. “They have experienced what Scottish Rite is all about, and now they are living out their commitment to support others who need our services and expertise.”

The Frasers’ favorite time of year is when a group of Scottish Rite patients participate in the Amputee Ski Trip in Winter Park, Colorado. Since 2015, the Frasers have hosted a dinner for the participants at their Colorado home. “To see those big smiles on their faces when they’re coming down that mountain,” Linda says, “it’s magical.” Moved by the experience, the Frasers established the Fraser Family Fund, which provides funding for the ski trip, prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation for Scottish Rite patients. To date, the Frasers have contributed nearly $1 million.

“What Scottish Rite did for our family was such a blessing,” Linda says. “They gave our son the ability to walk and become the man he is today. Our lives would not be what they are without Scottish Rite.”

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