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Mar 07, 2017 / Research & Innovation

Adapted Cycles as Therapy

The Therapeutic Recreation staff at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children wants to see each child be as engaged and independent as possible. This is important in school and work but equally vital in recreation and play. Adapted cycles are one way to help a child achieve one dream they might have: riding a bike.

There are many types of adapted cycles for use by children with various medical conditions. These cycles give the flexibility needed for kids to ride a cycle who otherwise might not have that opportunity. The Therapeutic Recreation specialists at Scottish Rite Hospital can aid children in finding the right cycle for them. Additionally, several organizations exist dedicated to helping families pay for the cycle, once a family has decided what they need.

“We like to connect kids with adapted cycles because it not only promotes independence but also allows the child to achieve functional goals, like additional leg, arm or core strength,” says Allena Aussicker, Scottish Rite Hospital Therapeutic Recreation specialist, “It also allows them to just have fun and do something that many of their peers are doing.”

Kids are oftentimes thrilled when they have the opportunity to ride a cycle for the first time. Like many of us felt when we first learned to ride a bike, these kids also get to feel the special type of freedom and enjoyment that a cycle provides.

Watch a video here

If you would like more information about adapted cycles, please contact the Therapeutic Recreation staff at Scottish Rite Hospital at 214-559-8348 or therapeuticrecreation@tsrh.org.


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