ethan standing in front of goggle wall at saint bernard sports

Jan 29, 2018 / Spotlight

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Ethan, age 16 of Pontotoc

Ethan, age 16 of Pontotoc, has been treated for prosthetic needs at Scottish Rite Hospital since he was four years old. In Ethan’s spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and piano, and is most inspired by the American music duo, Twenty One Pilots. He takes pride in his ability to play multiple instruments and aspires to be a famous musician when he grows up. Along with visiting new places and meeting new people, Ethan is most excited about skiing for the first time on the snowy slopes of Winter Park, Colorado.
About the Annual Amputee Ski Trip

February 2018 will mark the 37th anniversary of the annual Amputee Ski Trip, held each year at the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, Colorado. Fourteen teenage patients with limb differences receive practical recreational therapy, while also having the opportunity to grow, build confidence and bond with others similar to them.

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