Ryanne with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children doctor

Jan 11, 2017 / Spotlight

Amputee Ski Trip Spotlight: Ryanne, age 13 of Mineola

Ryanne, age 13 of Mineola, Texas, was adopted from Kazakhstan in 2005 at the age of 2. She became a patient at Scottish Rite Hospital shortly after arriving to the United States. Ryanne was born with a condition called amniotic band syndrome, which constricts the growth of extremities, including arms, legs and fingers. Because of that, Ryanne had both legs amputated and is missing part of her right arm.

Today, Ryanne is a very active teenager and loves participating in competitive sports, with track and field being her favorite activity. She served as the 2010 junior race director for the Dallas Marathon at the young age of 7 years old, where she represented the hospital and helped count down the start of the race.

The specialized care that she has received at Scottish Rite Hospital has inspired her to want to be a prosthetist when she grows up. Ryanne is most excited to learn how to ski and see snowy mountains for the first time at this year’s Amputee Ski Trip.

About the Annual Amputee Ski Trip

February 2017 will mark the 36th anniversary of the annual Amputee Ski Trip, held each year at the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, Colorado. Fourteen teenage patients with limb differences receive practical recreational therapy, while also having the opportunity to grow, build confidence and bond with others similar to them.


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