Athletic trainers at the Frisco campus

Mar 12, 2020 / Sports Medicine

Athletic Trainers - Important Members of the Team

Athletic trainers are a vital team member of many athletic organizations. They are found on the sidelines and in training rooms at professional, collegiate and many high school sporting events. A surprise to some is to see an athletic trainer in health care settings like Scottish Rite for Children Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. The National Athletic Trainers Association and athletic trainers around the world are celebrating National Athletic Trainer Month, and we are proud to honor our team of athletic trainers. We asked a few to tell us what they do and why they love it.

Jamie Wightman, L.A.T., A.T.C., works in the sports medicine clinic and supports our pediatric orthopedic surgeons in their clinics. In this setting, an athletic trainer, like Jamie, educates families and patients on what to expect with treatment plans and returning to sports.

“I enjoy interacting with the patients and families.  I love building that rapport with the patients and making them believe that they can overcome their injuries and get back to doing what they love the most.”

Josh Stevens, L.A.T., A.T.C., works in the sports medicine clinic and supports our pediatric sports medicine physicians in their clinics. In this non-operative setting, an athletic trainer, like Josh, takes care of children with musculoskeletal conditions and also sport-related concussions. 
“I really enjoy interacting with our patients. Working to get them to laugh and smile. Helping them through a scary situation and being a part of their road to recovery.”

Taylor Moseley, L.A.T., A.T.C., works in our newest sports medicine clinic location at The Star. Dedicated to caring for young athletes, this location offers office visits with our operative and non-operative providers with nearby access to our multidisciplinary team in Frisco. Taylor plays a role familiar to many athletic trainers. She uses a wide variety of her skills in this setting including assisting with positioning for X-rays and casting with our techs.  

“I enjoy working at Scottish Rite because we get to see the patient and help them throughout the entire injury and recovery. The best is when a patient is cleared (back to sports) and you get to see the excitement in their face. I love that we have a variety of patients that we get to work with and that every day is different.”

Jon Heydrick, L.A.T., A.T.C., has a mixed role of providing care on the sidelines of youth sporting events, managing a team of athletic trainers who provide sideline care, and coordinating outreach events and educational sessions with local sports organizations and athletic trainers. Jon also spends time in clinic with our providers and staff and helps with athlete referrals from our community partners.

“From educating young athletes, parents and coaches to providing patient care on the sidelines of youth sporting events, being an athletic trainer at Scottish Rite for Children in Frisco offers a variety of opportunities for me to share my passion for both sports and healthcare with the community, patients and their families.”

Athletic trainers are passionate about keeping athletes safe. When there’s an injury, they are ready to provide care, education and encouragement to get kids back to doing what they love.

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