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Jun 03, 2022 / Hand Conditions

Best Friends Forever

Article previously published in Rite Up, 2022 – Issue 1.
When she’s not creatively painting, coloring or making crafts, Ashby, of McKinney, loves to be outdoors. Whether it’s riding her bike or scooter, going for a walk, skiing or hitting tennis balls, Ashby and her family love activities together.
Born with a rare vascular condition, Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, or KTS, Ashby first came to Scottish Rite for Children in 2015. KTS can affect the development of blood vessels, soft tissue, bones and lymphatic vessels, while leaving a red birthmark. KTS was present on Ashby’s upper chest, back, down her right arm and even onto her hand.
“At her first appointment with Dr. Oishi, we really had no idea about how KTS would impact the rest of Ashby’s life,” her mother, Shay, says. “Many wonderful people led us to Scottish Rite, and for that, I am incredibly thankful.” Director of the Charles E. Seay, Jr. Hand Center and hand surgeon Scott Oishi, M.D., FACS, helps manage Ashby’s treatment and long-term care.
“Dr. Oishi is more than just a brilliant surgeon,” Shay says. “It is clear the love that he has for his patients. He always remembers facts and tidbits about Ashby’s life, and following surgeries, he will call after-hours and on weekends to check on our girl. He even helped Ashby create a Halloween-themed cast following this last surgery!”
If not properly treated, KTS can cause chronic pain, restricted movement or even result in life-threatening blood clots. Shay credits Oishi and his team for not only saving her daughter’s life but also allowing her to have an active and joyful childhood.
On her last birthday, Shay and Ashby wanted to do something very special for Scottish Rite for Children and their beloved Dr. Oishi and created a birthday fundraiser. The family raised more than $54,000 to benefit patient care at Scottish Rite for Children! “We are so thankful for Dr. Oishi’s wisdom and intervention in Ashby’s medical needs,” Shay says. “We love to see Ashby doing what she loves, and our family is forever grateful to Dr. Oishi and Scottish Rite for Children.”

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