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Jun 27, 2019 / Scoliosis & Spine

Brace Rite: The Newest Scoliosis Bracing App

At Scottish Rite Hospital, our team of experts are dedicated to patient-centered and innovative care. The Center for Excellence in Spine is focused on advancing the treatment for patients diagnosed with spinal deformities. 

Bracing is one of the most common forms of treatment for the hospital’s scoliosis patients. Depending on the severity of a child’s condition and whether or not they are still growing, a brace can be used to help stop the curve from progressing. Every brace is custom made through the hospital’s Orthotics department. About the size of a dime, a sensor is placed inside the brace to track the number of hours a patient is wearing their brace. Each time a patient comes in for an appointment, the doctor is able to download data from the sensor to show the exact amount of wear time.  

As our experts continue to provide innovative care, the hospital recently launched an app specific to scoliosis bracing. Brace Rite was created to give parents an easy way to track the number of hours their child is wearing a brace. Instead of waiting for the doctor to provide a report on the wear time, the app allows for an easy connection for an accurate read. In addition, the app can be programmed to include the goal for the number of hours prescribed by the doctor that the brace should be worn. Brace Rite can be accessed just by the parent, or by both the parent and brace wearer. Below are additional details regarding the capabilities of the app:
  • Track brace wear over days, weeks and months.
  • Receive alerts for when the sensor needs new batteries.
  • The ability to check in on brace wear throughout the day.
Assistant Chief of Staff Karl E. Rathjen, M.D., is excited to see this project come to life. “The development of Brace Rite has been a collaborative effort between many experts within the hospital,” says Rathjen. “Scoliosis can be a complex condition and being at the forefront of leading-edge treatment is a priority. Through our research, we saw a need to make this data more readily accessible for patients and their families. We hope that Brace Rite will be a helpful resource throughout a patient’s bracing treatment to keep them accountable when it comes to their wear time.”

Learn more about the hospital’s scoliosis care and treatment. 

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