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Mar 15, 2016 / Fractures

Busy Kids and Broken Bones – Fracture Clinic

Constantly on the move, kids are bound to get hurt once in a while. Because of the open growth plates in young bones, kids are more likely to break a bone than sprain a ligament. Injuries that result in a bad sprain for an adult will often cause a broken bone in children, according to Gerad Montgomery. Our team of pediatric experts at the Fracture Clinic at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children’s North Campus is here to help you navigate treatment for fractures, or broken bones, in kids and teenagers.

Many fractures are appropriately stabilized in a pediatrician’s office or at an urgent care center. Young patients are frequently referred to a pediatric orthopedic specialist to further assess and treat broken bones. Occasionally, this is because surgery should be considered. More often, this is to be sure that the injury and the treatment will not impact the growth of that bone. This requires monitoring the healing with physical exams and X-rays over time.

Our team at Scottish Rite Hospital only takes care of kids. Therefore, we are very familiar with growth plates and growing bones. If you or a friend needs pediatric fracture care, please call us at 469-515-7200.


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